Love to learn

Curiosity and a thirst for lifelong learning are important aspects of well-being and happiness for people of all ages.

A love for learning starts well before children enter kindergarten. It begins with their first teachers- parents, older sisters and brothers, and others who talk, spend time, read and play with babies from the first days of life.

Schools that are welcoming, relevant and fun continue the learning tradition which begins in homes and communities. Schools are very important but never underestimate the role of parents in preparing kids for school, and then supporting them from K-12, and beyond!

Technology has dramatically changed the promise and the practice of education. Information on just about any topic you can think of is a few keystrokes away. Social media allow us to have conversations with people around the world whenever we want. On-line tools allow us to create, edit, and post photos, videos, and animations in record time. Welcome to 21st century learning!

Basic skills in reading, writing and arithmetic are still needed. So are critical thinking skills. And at the same time, we need to create the conditions in our home, schools, and communities to allow children’s natural curiosity to take them to the far corners of the world and the outer limits of knowledge.

Success for each learner: Our vision is that all Yukon people possess a desire for and appreciation of lifelong learning, a strong commitment to their communities, and the knowledge and skills required to lead meaningful, productive and rewarding lives.