Firearm safety

Hunting, trapping, and getting out on the land are important traditions for many Yukoners of all ages. Given these interests, it’s not surprising that many Yukoners own firearms. Statistics collected by the RCMP indicate that Yukon has the highest rate of licensed firearms owners in Canada, about three times the national average

Injuries and fatalities, including suicides, by firearms are all too common in Canada. Safe storage of guns in the home can play a role in reducing these tragedies. The Alberta Centre for Injury Control and Research writes,

“Many children will pick up a real firearm when an adult is not watching. Even children who are taught to stay away from firearms can forget or test the rules. Don’t take chances – even if you think your child knows better. Keep your firearms unloaded and locked up when they are not in use.”

For a reminder about safe storage, transport and display of firearms, go to people who enroll in the Hunter Education and Ethics Development (HEED) course offered by the Yukon Government’s Department of Environment will also complete the Canadian Firearms Safety course, and learn about firearms safety. This course is open to people of all ages, but anyone 12 years or younger is asked to bring a parent. Young people of all ages benefit when their parent takes the course with them. It’s time to learn together, share a common interest and plan the next trip out on the land.