Social connections

Social wellness is drawn as a ring around the other five wellness dimensions to highlight the importance of social connections and social support to overall wellness.

Relationships are our greatest source of happiness, joy and belonging; they are also our greatest source of pain. This is true within our homes, our workplaces, our neighbourhoods, and our communities.

At their best, relationships are a source of information, advice, and ideas; practical assistance and support; encouragement and motivation; companionship; introductions to new people and opportunities; and feedback about ourselves.

In addition to these benefits, it turns out that we are happier and feel more fulfilled when we give to others. Small everyday acts of gratitude, kindness and caring do double time – they improve the quality of your life, and those around you.

Changing your behaviour can also influence others to change their behaviour. When it comes to behaviours like eating, active living, drinking, and smoking, we tend to do what people around us are doing.

Making and maintaining positive changes to improve our health and wellness is almost always easier if we have encouragement and support from our friends, family or co-workers. Very few of us go it alone.

In this way, wellness can spread from person to person, and everyone benefits.