Pathways to Wellness

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Walking in groups

Family walking at Miles Canyon PhotoThere are lots of good reasons to consider finding a walking buddy or two to join you on your walks. It’s a great way of spending quality time with people you care about or want to get to know better – family members, friends, co-workers. This way you can get all the health benefits of walking AND the health benefits of socializing. Depending on where you walk, it may also be safer to walk in two’s and three’s than alone. And walking buddies can help motivate each other when you’d really rather be lying on the couch with a good book or going to the coffee shop.

In small communities in rural Yukon, even a few people walking together on a regular basis can have a big impact on others in the community. Other people will see you living actively, and it may spark their thinking or ignite their desire to be more active. This is how movements start and new community norms get established.

Many of the approaches to developing and sustaining walking groups apply better to large urban centres than to our small communities. Best advice:

  • Start small
  • Make a schedule which has the days and times you will walk
  • Develop a group goal and track your progress
  • Keep it going by email reminders

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