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Stories from Yukon communities

Stories from Yukon communities

Stories that Inspire: Working together towards wellness

There are many examples of Yukon communities and organizations taking action to promote health and wellbeing.

From this page, you can locate stories from Yukon communities written in 2012 (Celebrating Our Stories:  Building a Healthier Yukon Together by Arctic Institute of Community-Based Research).

You can also read stories from 2013 (by Pathways to Wellness).  In the summer of 2013, we invited people from around the territory to tell us about “the great things in your community that support well-being.”  Most of these stories are featured in Stories that Inspire: Working together towards wellness

We heard about community gardens and greenhouses, and connecting with culture through traditional dance, language, storytelling and preservation of heritage sites.  We learned about family nights and movie nights, breaking trail and breaking bread, and much more – 25 stories in all!

All these stories have many common features underlying their success.  The illustration below captures the ideas that emerged at a gathering of people in December 2011.  40 people from around Yukon gathered to share their knowledge, experience and ideas about how to achieve healthy weights for children and youth.

We discovered that the best ideas and the greatest successes come when many people bring their talents and gifts to the table, think deeply and passionately about how to make a difference in their community, and roll up their sleeves to get the job done. 

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Ultimately people and relationships – leaders, volunteers, partnerships, community support, inclusion – are at the heart of every success.