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Yukon Passions Video Project

Passionate youth caught on video!

This summer, 28 Yukon youth shared their passions with summer student Heidi Loos.  They spoke about the ups and downs, the challenges and the rewards of pursuing their passion for dance, archery, industrial design, environmental activism, mathematics and much more!

The Yukon Passions Video Project created six 5-minute videos that we hope will inspire you to explore the sparks that enrich your life.  You can find the first of these videos by scrolling down this page.  We’ll post a new video each week, so check back next week for more.  But if you are eager to see all six, watch them all on the Yukon Wellness Playlist at

Wellness is about feeling good about yourself and your life.  It’s about being involved in activities that provide meaning, purpose and joy.  It’s about fun, relationships, being challenged and feeling inspired.  The young people who speak and perform in these videos show us that hard work and persistence pay off when you find something that you really love.

We invite you to listen to the stories with an ear for what makes a difference in the lives of these young people, and to learn how to support and fan the flame that exists in all the young people in your life.  If we can help each young person find what ignites their passion, we can give young people joy and energy, meaning, purpose, and direction that can last a lifetime.

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Congratulations to Sabrina Clarke, the winner of our Yukon Passions Video Project draw.  Sabrina will receive $600 towards the costs of pursuing her passion.  You can hear Sabrina talk about her passion for art in Part six of the video series.

[Yukon Passions Video Project - Video 1]