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What about your childhood?

It’s difficult to parent if you haven't been parented yourself, or if you've had poor parenting.  This is true for many individuals. It is also important to recognize the legacy of Indian Residential Schools on First Nations people.  The disruption of family ties and life affected those who attended the schools and subsequent generations.    

Being in and out of foster care, having a chaotic upbringing,  living with an alcohol- or drug-dependent parent, or being neglected or abused in your family of origin are other childhood experiences which may have deprived today's parents of positive experiences and role models to help guide how they raise their children today.

There is no easy answer or quick fix, but some experts believe that the following is helpful:

  • Face the pain, and acknowledge the ongoing influence your childhood has on you today.
  • Come to an understanding of why your caregivers behaved as they did.
  • Identify what to repeat and what not to repeat  with your own children.
  • Gather all the resources you need to help you live out these choices.

If you like how someone else is raising their kids, watch what they do.  Ask questions.  Pick up a few tips.  Try out something new.  

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