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What's New

What's New

Reap the benefits of mindfulness
December 01, 2015
Did you know that mindfulness has a positive effect on stress, sleep problems, and chronic pain, and helps us manage depression, become substance-free and address other mental health problems?

Do you know your signature strengths?
November 06, 2015
A person’s top 5 strengths are called their signature strengths. Knowing your strengths is key to performing at your personal best.

Roots of happiness
October 16, 2015
How much of our happiness is determined by genetics? Circumstances? The way we think and act? Find out about the control you have over your own happiness.

Weighing on on diets
August 28, 2015
Many people try popular or fad diets to achieve a healthier weight. This approach often works – people often lose weight in the short-term, but then gain it back in the longer term.

New section on building resilience!
June 18, 2015
We need both outside supports and inner strengths to build our resilience. Learn how you can help children 0-6 develop these strengths.

Jet lag
November 14, 2014
Yukoners are frequent flyers, and often cross many time zones to visit friends and family. Here are some tips for reducing the effects of jet lag.

Be kind to yourself
September 03, 2014
Set-backs are a normal part of making healthy changes. Make sure you treat yourself with compassion and kindness.

Planning to fail
August 15, 2014
Find out how imagining ourselves failing can help us to be more successful in reaching our goals.

Are you ready for change?
July 11, 2014
Making change can be hard. Find out about the stages of change so you can plan your next step.

New wellness books in libraries
May 22, 2014
Pathways to Wellness donated our "best picks" to Public Libraries and Yukon College – great resources on happiness, child development, behaviour change, healthy eating and more!

Best practices for wellness
May 06, 2014
We've created short checklists to help you integrate wellness into programs, activities and events. Two are on child and youth activities and a third focuses on community wellness.

NEW Wellness Plan for Yukon's Children and Families
April 24, 2014
The Wellness Plan was released today, along with a new drawing "Pathways to Wellness". This Plan can be used by everyone interested in promoting wellness for children and youth.

New video on planned inconvenience
April 16, 2014
Watch this video from Dr. Mike Evans on how to be more active.

A recipe for healthy children
March 26, 2014
We've added a summary and video recording of Dr. Brendan Hanley's talk on "Getting the best start: A recipe for healthy children" to our website.

Being an online citizen
March 12, 2014
We've posted new content and a video of Chris Ryder's TEDx talk. Discover some great ideas on how to bridge the on-line and in-person communication gap between young people and parents.

Diyet and Boyd Benjamin find sparks
February 25, 2014
Two Yukoners share their journeys on the road to realizing their dreams (TEDx talks).

Stories from Yukon communities
February 11, 2014
We've posted 25 new stories of community wellness from 10 Yukon communities! Available on-line or as PDF "Stories that Inspire".

Fruit or fruit juice?
January 28, 2014
Should you eat or drink your fruit? We found a fantastic infographic that provides some great information.

Seven secrets to a happy brain
January 24, 2014
Dr. Max Cynader (UBC) reveals ways to keep your brain healthy in this short video.

Videos from Early Years and Nicole Letourneau now posted
January 16, 2014
Videos from Joan Durrant, Dr. Brendan Hanley, Marilyn Van Bibber, Jane Bertrand, Kerry McCuaig from the Early Years (Oct. 2013) and Nicole Letourneau (Nov. 2013) are now posted.

Your brain and stress
January 15, 2014
Your brain, body and memory are all affected by sustained stress. We've added a new video to our information on relaxation and stress.

Glycemic index
January 10, 2014
Foods with a lower glycemic index give you more consistent energy and better health. Read more the foods that keep you energized.

For kids -- child's path to wellness
January 08, 2014
We've posted a new drawing with child-friendly words to describe the elements of wellness.

Deepen relationships
January 06, 2014
A great way of deepening relationships is to respond actively and constructively to another person's good news. Find out more and watch a short video.

Fast facts about fat
December 11, 2013
Not all fats are equal. Find out about the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Great grains
December 03, 2013
What's the difference between whole grain, whole wheat, multi-grain and enriched grain?

Nutrition labels – %DV
November 27, 2013
Make sense of nutrition labels. This second new posting looks at the % Daily Value.

Nutrition labels -- the basics
November 19, 2013
Reading nutrition labels takes some effort. Here's a new video and some information to get you started.

NEW Evaluation Toolkit
November 12, 2013
A toolkit for community-based programs in Yukon -- by McCreary Centre Society.

Loving kindness
November 04, 2013
Loving kindness is a meditation that helps spread friendliness, compassion, joy, and acceptance. Two new videos ...

A recipe for a healthy child
October 21, 2013
Our Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Brendan Hanley offers a recipe for raising healthy children by giving kids a healthy beginning.

Early Years presentations
October 08, 2013
Joan Durrant's presentation on "Positive Discipline in everyday parenting" is now posted, along with other slides from the Early Years gathering Oct. 2-3.

"Soft skills" crucial for success
September 09, 2013
Economist James Heckman gives the hard facts about "soft skills", like self control, in this short video.

Living with purpose
August 28, 2013
It's common and healthy to ask questions about what gives life meaning and how to live life more meaningfully.

August 21, 2013
Flow is hard to describe, but you know it when you experience it.

Time to celebrate
August 14, 2013
When we help others celebrate their "good times," we increase love, loyalty, satisfaction and commitment in relationships.

August 07, 2013
There's more to life than not being stressed, anxious or depressed. And, there's no need to live life in the neutral zone.

Toys for toddlers
July 30, 2013
Whether you're a parent, grandparent, or a good friend, finding toys for toddlers can be overwhelming.

Teach kids "true grit" for success
July 10, 2013
What predicts success in school, work, and life? Being smart or naturally talented helps, but it turns out that another quality, called grit, is even more important.

Physical literacy builds skills
June 28, 2013
Physical literacy is about having the skills and confidence to move in a number of different ways in a wide variety of situations.

Have fun eating a rainbow
June 13, 2013
We've added new information and a fun tracking sheet for kids. Eating a variety of different coloured foods will help you get all the nutrients you need.

Guide for choosing day camps
June 05, 2013
Here are some questions to help parents choose day programs and day camps for their children this summer.

Help for eating at buffets
May 29, 2013
Too much variety and large portion sizes set us up to overeat. Here are some tips for dealing with the challenges of all-you-can-eat buffets.

Shirtless guy is back!
May 23, 2013
When we made changes to the website, we inadvertently deleted the shirtless guy video. It’s guaranteed to make you think, and smile!

This grocery list will help you shop smart!
May 16, 2013
This grocery list from the Heart and Stroke Foundation gives practical tips on what to look for when you go shopping.

New manual for supporting youth in our communities
May 09, 2013
Learn how you can support young people to make Yukon communities better places to live work and play.

How well are the children
May 02, 2013
New Video: Dr. Dennis Embry gives us hope that small actions can improve the lives of children, youth and people of all ages.

Give up on perfection
April 26, 2013
Striving for perfection can set you up for discontent, procrastination and even failure. Read about why and how to give up on perfectionism.

New Yukon success story
April 17, 2013
Read about how the Dänojà Zho Cultural Centre has become a hub of activity for cultural revitalization, knowledge, and activity in Dawson City. It’s a great example of how wellness can be contagious!

Improve child wellness - Share your views
April 13, 2013
We welcome you to take our survey and share your comments, feedback and ideas on how we can raise children who are happy, healthy and keen to learn.

e-Tips now archived
April 12, 2013
You can now find all of our past e-Tips organized by topic – for example, active living, happiness, healthy eating and relationships. Scan the topics for a tip you can use today!

NEW discussion paper - children and families
April 02, 2013
Read about wellness for Yukon children, youth and families today and find out what we can do to create a future where children can dream big and live life to the fullest.

Healthy kids - 8 NEW topics
March 25, 2013
Explore eight new topics about growing happy, healthy, engaged children and youth in our new HEALTHY KIDS menu on the left.