Pathways to Wellness

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Teaching kids about healthy eating

There are many ways to help kids of all ages learn about healthy eating and how to select and cook healthy foods. 

  • Take them shopping with you, and let them help pick out interesting fruits and vegetables,  new kinds of cheese, or nuts and seeds to make trail mix.   Let them choose a treat for the week.
  • Invite them to join you in making meals or baking.  Let them help you plan the dinner meal, choosing something from 3 of the 4 food groups in the Canada's Food Guide.  Little ones can wash fruit or peel vegetables; school aged kids can measure,  pour and mix ingredients; teens might be tempted to cook an entire meal… but only if you agree to do the clean-up!
  • Download or request a hard copy of Good Nutrition=Good Learning or My Amazing Cookbook, for great recipes which are easy to make for Yukon children and families. 

My Amazing Little Cookbook
This cookbook contains fun, easy and healthy recipes for children. It encourages them to try new recipes and have fun in the process.

Good Nutrition = Good Learning booklet
Nutritious Food Choices for Breakfast, Lunch and Snacks
A great resource that includes information on how to make nutritious breakfasts, lunches and snacks. Perfect for busy families.
[English, French]

  • Plant a garden or greenhouse, or grow some lettuce and herbs in containers.  Visit a neighbour's garden, or a local outdoor market in the summer. This helps kids learn something about how food is produced.
  • Pass on your hunting, fishing and berry picking skills and traditions to your kids.  Being out on the land and close to nature is good for body and soul, and fills the freezer too!  Make sure your kids understand the importance of keeping good fishing holes and great berry patches in the family!
  • Cultivate a sense of curiousity and adventure about food.  Experiment with making food from around the world.  Post a map of the world on your refrigerator, and go on a round the world culinary tour.  For great and nutritious recipes from around the world as well as helpful tips and lessons, visit