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Talk, talk, talk

Babies don't need special educational toys or videos; they need parents and other caregivers who pay attention to them, and show their love in words and actions.  When it comes to brain development, there is no substitute for one-on-one time with caring adults.

You may have seen the talking twin baby video on our website.  If not, treat yourself to a delightful look at developing language in this section.

When babies get 12 lessons in a foreign language spoken by a native speaker, they quickly pick up the new language.  But when the same lessons are delivered by video, babies seem interested but learn nothing!  Social interactions create the conditions for learning.  

In the video below, you will also see the effect of socioeconomic status on language learning.  Children from low income families are exposed to about 620 words per day whereas children from higher income families are exposed to about 2000 words.  Over time this difference will grow and by the time these children start kindergarten, the size of their vocabularies will be very different.  The bottom line is that talking to a child is the best way to grow their vocabulary.

Here is a 10-minute video about research that shows the critical role that parents play in teaching babies and children and the role of socio-economic status in literacy and life-long learning.


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