Pathways to Wellness

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Taking community action

Superstore fruit and veggies photoYou may have explored “People on the move,” “Sweet dreams” “Eat, drink and be merry!” or other topics in this menu, and learned about what you can do as an individual, with your family and friends, and in your home to make healthier choices easier.  You may have ideas about changes you can make and now it’s just a question of developing some new habits.

There may be other changes that you want to make but can’t because of the options that are available to you. It’s hard to change what you eat if local stores and restaurants have limited healthy choices, healthy food is expensive, and chips, pop, and candies are tempting you in corner stores, gas stations, vending machines, and concessions. It can be difficult to integrate walking into daily living if you live far from work, school, or stores.

You may also spend a lot of your time out of your home and in the company of co-workers, fellow students and other community members. Making changes in workplaces, schools, recreation centers and the community at large require different strategies – you need to spark action by involving others.

Sometimes a change you want to see in your community can seem  overwhelming and it may be hard to know where to begin. Take inspiration from the anthropologist Margaret Mead who said,

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.

The starting point is clear – begin a conversation with others about the change you’d like to see.

And if you're looking for inspiration about how to be a good leader and a good follower, check out the lessons from the Shirtless Guy in this video. 


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