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Sweet dreams for kids

Night time routines are even more important for kids. Children need more sleep than adults, and parents need time for themselves. Getting into a bedtime routine with your kids will work for you and your kids:

  • Be consistent. Aim for the same bedtime every night.
  • Give them a head’s up. You may be ready for your kids to go to bed, but they aren’t. A 30 minute warning signals that they still have some time to play before you start the bedtime routine.
  • Transition from play to rest. Use the first 15 minutes as a transition time. A bath followed by teeth brushing and flossing is a great way to help kids wind down.
  • Reading or singing. Singing a favourite song or reading a book to your kids brings it down another notch – and helps develop a life-long appreciation of the joys of reading.
  • Be affectionate but clear. When you have finished reading or singing, say “good night”, take time to cuddle, tuck them in, and then leave the room.
  • Help them feel safe and protected. A nightlight and a promise to check in on them throughout the night usually reassures most kids.

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