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HOPE Centre, Ross River

HOPE Centre, Ross River

Ross River’s HOPE Centre is a new, multi-purpose, drop-in facility. The centre was built with donations and with funding from Yukon Government’s Community Development Fund and opened just before Christmas 2011. Development of the HOPE Centre was based on a vision of a safe, healthy community gathering place for all residents.

There were both successes and challenges in making this dream a reality. Funding took time to acquire. Acquiring building materials and skilled trades-people takes more time in a remote community. However, because of the dreams and vision; the commitment and perseverance; and over 6,000 volunteer hours invested by people who had a desire to see the project come together, the HOPE Centre is now a welcoming, warm location with programming that is bringing the community together.

All stories are in the publication Celebrating Our Stories: Building a Healthier Yukon Together PDF

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