Pathways to Wellness

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Start small

Break your goal into a series of small steps and reward yourself every time you achieve another milestone. If your goal is to walk 30 minutes at a brisk pace, start by walking 15 minutes at your usual pace 3 times during the first week. Over the next four weeks you can increase the time you walk, the number of walks per week, and the intensity of the walk to achieve your goal.

It’s a good idea to be SMART even with the first small steps. Pick the days and times that you will walk, where you will walk and with whom, and mark them on your calendar.


  • On Monday and Wednesday night, I’ll go walking right after work with my co-worker Penny
  • On Saturday morning I’ll take my dog out for a walk on the trail behind my house 

Keep your motivation up by rewarding yourself after each achievement – it doesn’t have to be big or expensive – a leisurely soak in the tub, a visit with your grandmother, sleeping in on Sunday – anything that marks the occasion. Never miss an opportunity to celebrate!

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