Pathways to Wellness

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Start early

Raising healthy babies begins with a healthy pregnancy, and continues after birth by the strong bond that develops between a baby and their main caregiver. 

Throughout pregnancy and beyond, it's important for dads to be just as involved as moms.  Sure moms may get a head start because they are the ones who are pregnant and may be breastfeeding.  But there's plenty of room for both parents to be involved – it's amazing how much work (and laundry!) a newborn can create!

In the words of one child psychologist, every kid needs "one or more adults who have an irrational emotional relationship with that child.  Somebody's got to be crazy about that kid.  That's number one.  First, last and always."

 Dr. Uri Bronfenbrenner 

Beginning in the first hours of life, all children need:

  • The basics – food, warmth and shelter
  • Someone who responds to their physical, emotional and social needs
  • Social interactions with others by talking, singing, playing
  • Care and comfort – feeding, bathing, and yes, diaper changing
  • Warmth and love expressed in words, kisses and hugs
  • Protection  from harm
  • To feel  important and matter  

Share the work, and the joy, of introducing your child to the world.  Everyone benefits – baby, mom, dad, siblings, and other relatives and friends.


Language is important to just about every aspect of our lives, so talk, sing and tell stories often.   Describe what you or your child is doing, point and name, sing nursery rhymes – talking and using words builds relationships and vocabulary!   

You can read about the science of language development and the importance of words at Talk, talk, talk.

Different skills and abilities develop at different times – sometimes there is a window of opportunity during which time learning and growth is optimal.  To learn more about the ages and stages in the early years, watch: ]

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