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Smart snacks

Snacking is something we all do at least sometimes. For children, it’s really important to have mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks. Many snack foods are convenience foods high in salt, fat or sugar. Smart snacking means planning ahead so that healthier, tasty choices are easy to grab.

  • Choose snacks from the four food groups of Canada’s Food guide. Cut-up veggies and fruits, small pieces of cheese, small amounts of dried fruits or nuts, yogurt, and small (one-half cup) servings of 100% juice are great options.
  • Cut-up veggies and fruits are more attractive than whole fruits and vegetables. Adding a healthy dip makes it even more attractive, especially for kids.
  • Learn how to make hummous from chickpeas. It's a great dip, a good source of protein, and an alternative to meat.
  • Make a smoothie – almost any combination of milk, juice, yogurt and fruit makes a great drink when blended. Get creative – experiment with new fruits and different combinations and let your kids get into the act. It’s an easy, fun way for them to get involved in the kitchen.
  • A bowl of cereal with milk, or a piece of toast with a glass of milk is another good choice, especially if the cereal and bread are whole grain. Add a bit of fruit and you have a snack which covers 3 food groups.
  • Popsicles made with 100% fruit juice or yogurt are fun snacks, especially in the spring and summer.

Check out these great ideas, tips and recipes for easy, healthy, and kid-friendly meals and snacks.

Snacks that are good for kids are good for adults too!  But here are a few more tips you may want to try:

  • Re-package snacks in individual portion size packages, or serve yourself a portion in a bowl instead of eating out of the box
  • Put the “choose least often” snacks (like candy or chips) in the back of the cupboard.  Why test your willpower by keeping them in plain sight?  Do the same thing at work!
  • Put limits on how often you buy snacks that you just can’t resist.
  • Chew gum and drink water when an urge for a snack arises.
  • Stock healthy snacks at work – small tins of tuna, cans of fruit packed in fruit juice, yogurt …

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