Pathways to Wellness

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Small steps, big rewards

Every year Yukoners take action to improve their health. The most recent data is from 2005 – that year, two out of every three Yukoners tried to improve their health by getting more exercise, eating better, losing weight or quitting smoking. What we don’t know is how many people are able to make and sustain these changes in the long-run.

Personal choice – the decisions we make and the actions we take – is important – but there are other influences that make it easier or harder to make lifestyle changes. For more information, read about What influences health?

Many Yukoners say that lack of time and lack of willpower are barriers to taking action and doing more to improve their health. What do we know about time and willpower?  And, more importantly, what can we do about them?

Have a look at the menu on the right. It is full of tips to help you can achieve your goals.

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