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S.H.A.R.E. is a handy way of remembering the 5 ways you can help your kids learn to be grateful.

Show by example.  Make sure your kids see and hear you expressing gratitude to other people.

Help others.  When we and our children help those less fortunate than ourselves (e.g.,  by collecting food for the food bank, or raising money for cancer research)  we help kids realize how fortunate they are and we give them the opportunity to feel good about making a difference in the lives of other people.

Appreciate your children.  Make a point of recognizing and praising your kids when they act in grateful ways. 

Remember to practice gratitude every day with your children. See Giving Thanks.

Eliminate ungrateful attitudes.  An example of an ungrateful attitude is comparing yourself with others.  There will always be someone who is luckier, more attractive, fitter, richer, etc. than you.   Comparing what you have with what other people have can distract us from the good in our own lives. 

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