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School belongingness

School belongingness

In 2009, Grade 6-10 students were asked questions about their health and factors which affect their health, including the extent to which they feel they belong at school.

Students who feel part of the school community are more likely to attend school, do better in school, and graduate.

Across gender, grade and place of residence, at least one Yukon student out of three feels that they do not belong in school.

The other important finding is that Grade 9-10 students living in rural Yukon feel much less connected to school than other students. Just over 40 percent of older rural students feel they belong at school compared to 60 percent of Whitehorse students – this may help explain why rural students are more likely to drop out of school.

Education is an important predictor of health. The path to a healthy future is more difficult for those who leave school early.

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