Pathways to Wellness

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Safe and sound

Children thrive when the environments in which they live, learn and play are safe, stimulating and allow them to move, explore, experiment and follow their curiosity.  Homes and daycares, rooms and hallways, parks and recreation centres can be designed or modified with kids’ needs in mind.  And let’s not forget the importance of protective gear – like helmets and shin pads – so we can reduce injuries to life and limb. 

Great places for kids are as much about the people in their lives as they are about bricks and mortar.  Children thrive when they are in the care of adults who are safe, caring, expressive and fun.   Great places to grow up protect children from exploitation and abuse, in their homes, communities and on-line.  

A big challenge for all adults who want to help kids grow into responsible, independent teens and adults is learning how to supervise and monitor as children grow, spread their wings, take risks and expand their world.   It’s not always easy to keep tabs on your kid’s whereabouts and friends, and at the same time allow them greater amounts of freedom to make their own choices.

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