Pathways to Wellness

conversation • connection • commitment

Renew your motivation

Let’s face it – making changes is difficult. Not impossible, but difficult. There will be times when you’ll want to give up. It’s good to be prepared for those times and have a couple of strategies to keep you going.

It’s always a good idea to remind yourself of the benefits of making the change. For example, people who are physically active enjoy better physical and mental health. Walking with a partner allows you to build deeper connections and have fun at the same time as you are doing something good for your body. By being physically active, you are setting a good example for your children, nieces and nephews and maybe even your spouse!

Another good way of keeping up your motivation is to think about the kind of person you are becoming. Start to think of yourself as the kind of person who takes care of themselves, a person who takes on challenges, a person who is engaged with life. By changing how you think about yourself, you build confidence to keep going and to take on other challenges in the future.

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