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Praising and practicing

Praise is an important way of shaping children's behaviour.  A good motto is "practice praise, and praise practice".  What does this mean?

First off, praise is a great way of motivating your child and building their self-confidence.  Praise often and with the right focus.

If you've read about the growth mindset, then you probably have figured out that it is better to praise effort, than achievement.  Here are some examples of praising effort:

"You must have practiced lots."

"Your hard work really paid off."

"Good for you for getting extra help from your teacher/coach."

When you praise effort, you are giving the message that the choices your child made, and the actions that were taken, matter.  Your child's effort made the difference.

By practicing praise, and praising practice you are helping your child develop a growth mindset which will serve them well throughout their life.


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