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Play is child's work

Play is the main way pre-school children learn.  Play helps them build skills for thinking critically about the world around them and becoming leaders.  Play gives an outlet for children's imagination, creativity and ingenuity. 

  • Pretend play helps children learn to think abstractly, and to look at things from another's perspective. 
  • Playing with blocks, clay, sand and water helps kids learn to think logically and experiment.   Questions that start with "I wonder what  will happen if...." turn preschoolers into scientists!
  • Play with other kids helps develop social skills like cooperation, sharing, and taking turns; it also helps kids learn and practice ways of dealing with frustrations, and standing up for themselves.
  • Active play helps kids develop their large motor skills – running, kicking, leaping, throwing, and crafts help develop fine motor skills – writing, drawing, cutting paper.
  • Free unstructured play allows children to follow their imagination and their interests.  Learning is fun and self-directed. 


For more information on active play, go to Active 4 Life.

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