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Parents are people too!

Raising children is an important part of many people's lives.  It’s a big responsibility and at times, can feel overwhelming.  Raising children can be a source of great joy and pride as well as anxiety and fear, and everything in between! 

At each age and stage of development, we face new opportunities and new challenges.  The fact that our children are constantly changing means that as a parent, we need to be flexible and adaptable!  You can’t be prepared for everything that might come your way as a parent, but you can have realistic expectations of yourself, and your children.

Even though parenting is a 24x7 occupation (or maybe preoccupation is a better word!), you will still need to balance being a parent with being a partner, a son or daughter, a worker, a volunteer and any other role you play in your community.  This puts a new face on the word "multi-tasking."

In addition to the many hats you wear, you also have your own needs – for "alone time", intimacy, personal fitness, hobbies.  It's not surprising that many parents feel crunched for time.  Parenthood is a big juggling act.

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