Pathways to Wellness

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The good news

We have reason to be proud of how Yukoners are taking steps to improve the quality of their lives and the vitality of their communities.

  • Family Walking Dogs photoYukoners, especially those who live in rural communities, report a greater sense of community belonging compared to other Canadians.
  • We are among the most active of Canadians – but there is still room for improvement as only 55 percent of us are active, or moderately active.
  • We lead the country in our ability to read, understand and use information about our health.
  • In any given year, two out of every three Yukoners attempt to make changes to improve their health.
  • Yukon mothers are more likely to breast-feed, and to exclusively breast feed for the first six months, than are other Canadian mothers.
  • Yukoners are well-educated – a large percentage of Yukoners have high school diplomas or college degrees.

In every community, people are working together to promote health: from community gardens and greenhouses to curling bonspiels, pick-up hockey games, and cultural celebrations – the list is long.

When a hand is needed, Yukoners step up to the plate. We saw this when we hosted the Canada Winter Games in 2007 and again when individuals and businesses throughout the territory rallied to replace hockey equipment lost in the fire that destroyed the Ross River arena.

When it comes to wellness, we also have an incredible advantage over many other Canadians – nature is literally at our doorstep. First Nations values and research point in the same direction: living on or close to the land is good for our mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

We also understand the importance of passing laws that promote health and reduce risks.   Making public spaces smoke-free and banning hand-held cell phones while driving are recent changes to the law that make it healthier and safer for everyone.

These are all examples of how wellness can be promoted, and they are strengths we can build on.

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