Pathways to Wellness

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Nature nurtures

Tombstone Mountains photoHave you ever wondered why there are so many calendars which feature photos of nature – mountains, animals and plants, forests, rivers and lakes?  Have you noticed that many relaxation and meditation exercises ask you to imagine a calming, outdoor scene?  Perhaps you’ve seen or even purchased CDs with environmental sounds which include rushing water, lapping waves, and bird calls?

Maybe you’ve noticed that outdoor plazas and other public spaces in large built-up cities often have fountains or running water, trees and flower gardens.

Whether by design, or default, these are good options. Contact with nature is good for physical and mental well-being. Although it works best when you are actually in the outdoors, even looking at pictures or listening to sounds of nature has a positive effect on wellbeing.

Can you imagine a better place to live than Yukon when it comes to easy and free access to nature in all its forms?

The Environment Yukon website provides information on the availability and services at  Yukon government campgrounds, set up to help you get out and enjoy nature. 

And if you want to plan a backcountry trip, check out the Environment Yukon booklet, Into the Yukon Wilderness.

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