Pathways to Wellness

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Modern living

Life today is very different from the life our relatives lived even 50 years ago. We have too much to do and too little time – one-third of Yukoners who want to do more to improve their health can’t find the time.

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Pre-packaged and fast foods may seem to make sense – they are easy to find, may be cheap, and take little or no time to prepare. Unfortunately, they also tend to be high in fat, salt, or sugar – all of which are bad for our health.

Modern conveniences and labour-saving devices, from cars, ATVs, and snowmobiles to dishwashers and washing machines, eliminate physical activity from our lives. The Internet, cellphones, and computer tablets allow us to chat, shop, gamble, and work 24/7, without leaving our home or even moving off the couch.

We cram more and more into our busy days, and sleep less and less. We use tobacco to give ourselves a break, and alcohol and drugs to relieve stress and dull emotional pain from past hurts and traumas.

The pressure to keep up and to keep going is killing us… literally.

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