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Learning through failure

 One of the important outcomes of the growth mindset is that failure becomes a fact of life, rather than a mark against you. 

Being mediocre, or even failing, may be a sign that more effort or a new strategy is needed.  A bit of challenge is a good thing, but maybe this challenge was way above your child's abilities and interests.  Maybe adjusting the challenge level is needed to help build the skills your child needs.

You can help your child see failures as an opportunity for learning by modelling how you respond to your own mistakes and shortcomings.  When you admit to making a mistake - whether it's making a wrong turn, or blowing your stack, you are demonstrating to  your child that it's normal to make mistakes.  Talking about what you would do differently next time demonstrates how mistakes can be a learning opportunity, and  supports the growth mindset. 

The other thing you can do is ask your child what they learned from a mistake they made.  This communicates that mistakes are normal, even good for you.  And, helping them to turn failure into a learning opportunity prepares them for the future.


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