Pathways to Wellness

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What influences our health?

Eating well, keeping active and productive, getting a good night’s sleep are examples of how we keep ourselves and our families healthier. On paper, this sounds straightforward – in practice, it is far more complex.

Personal choice – the decisions we make every day – is important, but not everyone has the same choices, or the same chances, to be healthy. We are also influenced by genetics and biology, how we were raised, our immediate environment, and broader factors such as educational opportunities, historical events and the economy. Taken together, these factors help explain how we got here, and even more importantly, where we can go from here.

Luck and coincidence also play a role in our lives, but we can’t control or plan for this. The best we can do is to be open to opportunities that come our way, and make the most of them.

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Drawing: Paths to wellness

Have a look at this colourful graphic that illustrates the six dimensions of wellness, the key influences on our health, the wellness gap and what works to improve wellness.  This picture was created for Pathways to Wellness by graphic facilitator, Avril Orloff.

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