Pathways to Wellness

conversation • connection • commitment

What individuals can do

We can start by learning more about wellness and begin to make small changes in our lives and within our family that promote wellness. We can share what we’ve learned with others, and invite friends and other family members to join in.

Kids in a Classroom photo

Every day Yukoners – as parents, friends, neighbours, volunteers and caregivers – take action to make lives better for others. Personal support and encouragement, empathy, caring, and practical help benefit both the giver and the receiver. We need to keep doing this.

But wellness is not just about personal decision making and behaviour. It is also about creating environments – both social and physical environments – which promote wellness in our homes, schools, workplaces, churches, neighbourhoods, and the community at large. Everyone benefits when healthy choices are the easy choices to make.

Every individual, and every step an individual takes to improve their own health, builds momentum and creates new social norms.

We can also find like-minded people and organize activities that do double duty by building social connections and addressing some other aspect of wellness. Starting a walking group or a community kitchen are examples of no cost, or low cost, activities which can make a real difference.

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