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Flourishing in the New Year

If you are making a New Year's Resolution, check out our tips on how to have greater success at achieving your resolution, and how to choose a resolution that you are more likely to succeed at.


There are five pillars to flourishing, and practical, easy ways to build each one into your life. Learn about these practices and how they will have a positive effect on your mental well-being, and the well-being of the people in your life - your family, your friends, and your co-workers.

We can help you on your path to wellness

Taking action to improve your health and well-being starts with knowing what to do.  Pathways to Wellness can help by giving you evidence-based information – for you, your family, and your community.

Join other Yukoners – make wellness contagious!


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What's New

Reap the benefits of mindfulness
December 01, 2015
Did you know that mindfulness has a positive effect on stress, sleep problems, and chronic pain, and helps us manage depression, become substance-free and address other mental health problems?

Do you know your signature strengths?
November 06, 2015
A person’s top 5 strengths are called their signature strengths. Knowing your strengths is key to performing at your personal best.

Roots of happiness
October 16, 2015
How much of our happiness is determined by genetics? Circumstances? The way we think and act? Find out about the control you have over your own happiness.

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