Pathways to Wellness

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Hope and happiness

We all want to be happy. But what does that really mean?

2 women in moosehide photoEmotional wellness, also sometimes referred to as mental well-being or positive psychology, can mean different things to different people – there is no one definition that everyone agrees with. But generally emotional wellness is about

  • Being content and having a positive outlook on life
  • Recognizing, accepting, understanding  and communicating the broad range of feelings including love, hope, sadness, fear, joy and anger
  • Being able to adapt to change, cope with challenges, and bounce back from setbacks and disappointments

Everyone encounters problems and goes through tough times. Disappointment, loss and change are facts of life; feeling sad, depressed, or stressed can be a healthy response to life circumstances. Emotional well-being is the ability to experience these emotions deeply, and also find ways to cope, adjust and heal.

Emotional well-being is also very connected to social wellness. People who enjoy emotional wellness are usually able to build and maintain fulfilling relationships. 

There is also growing evidence that happiness – experiencing positive emotions and acting in ways which increase positive emotions – is the foundation of emotional wellness.

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