Pathways to Wellness

conversation • connection • commitment

Healthy Communities

The term "healthy community" may bring many different thoughts and images to mind.  For some, the first thought may be living in a place which is largely free from pollution and contaminants, with easy access to nature.  All Yukon communities rate high on this measure of health.  In fact, you might say our connection to the land is one of our greatest health resources. 

Another way to think about the health of communities is how community members relate to each other.  Do people smile and say hello when they meet each other on the street?  Are there community events where people of all ages and abilities can gather and enjoy each other?  Does the community mobilize and support each other through hardships and tragedies?  Taking care of each other is another sign of a healthy community. 

Finally, a healthy community is one which is able to adapt to change and continuously works to make the community a great place to live.  Healthy communities do this by listening to people, finding common ground, having a vision, and planning for the future.

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