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Grocery shopping tips

Most Yukoners shop at the big grocery stores in Whitehorse at least some of the time and these stores have thousands of food products to choose from. It can be bewildering especially if you are trying to find good buys, eat healthy and take into account your family’s needs and preferences. Here are some tips that can help:

  • Try not to shop when you are hungry – everyone buys more ready-to-eat, convenience foods when hungry.
  • Bring a shopping list and use it (mostly) – that way you’ll have what you need and will be less tempted by impulse buys but you can still take advantage of sales.
  • Spend most of your time in the outer aisles where food from the four food groups from Canada’s Food Guide is usually located.
  • Beware that many processed foods which are often high in fat, sugar and/or salt are in the inner aisles at eye level. Look high and low for other products that may be healthier options as you wander down these aisles.

The Heart and Stroke Foundation has given us permission to post their grocery list on our website.  This grocery list is very helpful because it gives practical tips on what to look for, or aim for, when it comes to key food groups including fruits and vegetables, fats, processed foods, meats, etc.   Shop right, eat well!

Heart and Stroke Foundation Grocery List.

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