Pathways to Wellness

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The family that eats together…

Families that eat together not only eat healthier but enjoy other benefits as well. Kids are the big winners because eating habits and preferences form early in life and mealtime is a great opportunity for you to model healthy choices. It’s also a very good time to get caught up on each other’s lives, and plan your future together.

Kids who eat with their families

  • eat more fruits and vegetables, and less foods that are high in fat, sugar and salt
  • develop language earlier and tend to do better in school
  • are less likely to smoke, drink alcohol and use drugs
  • are less likely to be overweight

Family meals are also an important way of teaching children about their cultural heritage. For many people, eating traditional foods – whether Italian, First Nations, or Philippino – is an important way to stay connected with their culture and keep traditions alive.

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