Pathways to Wellness

conversation • connection • commitment

The F-words

Food, friends, family and fun!  For most of us, eating is about more than just fuelling our bodies. It is also about family rituals and traditions – like grandmother’s fruitcake at Christmas or frying the fish you caught with Uncle Joe over an open fire. It’s about celebrating, connecting, and sharing with people we care about or want to get to know better.

Here are some ways we can eat well and work on our social well-being at the same time:

  • Share the work and the compliments by organizing a potluck dinner.
  • Have a theme dinner – all the food must be orange, or bite sized, or come from the “Amazing Little Cookbook.”
  • Make cooking a family affair – everyone picks a favourite dish and helps prepare it.
  • Every week try a new recipe from another part of the world– see how many countries you “visit” in a year and mark your journey on a map of the world!
  • Get together with others to plan a community kitchen, garden, green house or a food shopping spree in Whitehorse.

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