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1, 2, 3 relax
December 18, 2015
Is the holiday season leaving you stressed? Try one of these stress-relieving exercises from the Harvard Medical School.

Staying in the present
November 27, 2015
Dwelling on past hurts or mistakes, or worrying about the future without finding solutions increases stress, anxiety, and depression.

Well-being for you and your neighbour
November 20, 2015
Social capital is built through hundreds of little and big actions we take every day.

Make peace with stress
November 06, 2015
Meditation, yoga, relaxation exercises, and physical activity are great ways to keep the physical signs of stress at bay.

Just say it
October 16, 2015
Expressing gratitude often is a hallmark of a strong relationship, whether it's a marriage, a common-law relationship, or a friendship.

Ignite a spark
October 09, 2015
Adults can play a big role in helping young people discover and develop their spark.

Getting the most out of work
September 25, 2015
Work has a big influence on life satisfaction. How do we get the most out of work?

September 18, 2015
Gallup, a leading polling company, has three suggestions on how to boost your financial well-being.

Good reasons to consider yoga
August 21, 2015
More and more people are learning and practicing yoga, and for good reason. There are many benefits to body, mind and soul.

Having goals boosts happiness
August 14, 2015
Sonja Lyubomirsky, author of The How of Happiness, draws attention to the many ways in which goals boost our happiness.

Being kind
August 07, 2015
Kindness builds connections with others and helps us see our common humanity and inter-dependence.

Losing a pet
July 31, 2015
For pet owners, the death of a pet can trigger a range of emotions and a period of grieving.

Be kind ... to yourself
July 24, 2015
Being kind to yourself when you are hurting, embarrassed, ashamed or in pain is good for you, and it's good for the people in your life.

Happiness, skill and effort
June 19, 2015
Setting goals and accomplishing them is the final element of the PERMA framework for a flourishing life.

What gives your life meaning?
June 12, 2015
Living a meaningful life is about spending our time and energy on things that really matter.

Relationships matter
June 05, 2015
Relationships are our greatest source of happiness, joy and belonging.

Have you experienced "flow"?
May 22, 2015
Engagement, also known as "flow" is the state of being so totally absorbed in what you are doing that you "lose yourself" in the activity.

Fuel creativity with positivity
May 15, 2015
Research has shown that positive emotions open our hearts and minds; negative emotions do just the opposite.

Are you flourishing?
May 08, 2015
Research shows that about 40% of our happiness is influenced by what we do and how we think.

Five ways to well-being
February 20, 2015
Research in the U.K. identified five effective ways of maintaining or improving emotional well-being

6 habits worth cultivating
December 19, 2014
The Greater Good Science Centre identifies 6 habits worth cultivating.

Hope fuels the human spirit
November 07, 2014
Early childhood memories of loving parents and playful older siblings sustained Robbie Weisman through his years at Buchenwald.

Criticism or complaint?
October 10, 2014
The first step in successfully managing conflict is to understand the difference between a complaint and a criticism.

Practice optimism
October 03, 2014
Some people are born optimists, the rest of us need to learn how.

Marriages that last
September 26, 2014
Successful couples spend about 5 more hours talking each week than other couples.

Need a friend?
September 19, 2014
Some wellness experts estimate that we need 3 friends who we can count on in order to thrive.

A taste of mindfulness
September 12, 2014
Mindfulness is about focusing on the present moment, deliberately and without judgment.

Making traditions
August 22, 2014
There are opportunities to develop ordinary but satisfying and fun traditions throughout the year.

HEAL yourself
August 01, 2014
Psychologist Rick Hanson and author of Hardwiring Happiness recommends taking in the good and committing it to memory as a way to HEAL yourself.

Make the most of your strengths
July 25, 2014
Understanding and using our strengths is a great way to increase life satisfaction.

Stress less with finesse
July 18, 2014
There are lots of things you can do to keep stress from getting out of control.

It's no joke!
June 06, 2014
Over time, laughter improves mood, boosts the immune system, reduces pain, and increases life satisfaction.

Memory made easy
May 30, 2014
The same tips and tricks that keep our memory sharp have other benefits, no matter how old you are.

Being grateful is great
May 09, 2014
Mother's Day on Sunday presents a great opportunity to practice gratitude.

Walking mindfully
May 02, 2014
Our ability to connect with nature -- often from our back door -- is one of the greatest health resources Yukoners have.

Wellness Plan sets direction
April 25, 2014
On the path together: Wellness Plan for Yukon's Children and Families sets out three paths to improve child and youth well-being.

Positive emotions broaden and build
February 28, 2014
Positive emotions are good for our physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual health.

S.T.O.P. at work
February 21, 2014
We all have times during the day when we are unable to concentrate on work.

Build relationships through gratitude
February 14, 2014
Expressing gratitude often, is a hallmark of a strong relationship.

What the heck is hygge?
January 17, 2014
Hygge (pronounced hue-gah) is a wonderful concept that helps people in Denmark survive and even thrive in their long dark winters.

Happiness and success
December 20, 2013
Does success lead to happiness, or does happiness lead to success?

Mind maintenance
December 06, 2013
Your mind, just like your car, needs regular maintenance

Positive emotions and learning
October 04, 2013
Positive emotions -- like joy, gratitude, hope and pride -- open our hearts and our minds ...

Helper's high
September 27, 2013
Volunteering and giving to others reduces depression and anxiety and increases happiness and life satisfaction.

Connect with neighbours
September 13, 2013
Knowing the people that share your street helps you feel more connected to your neighbourhood.

Success in school and life
September 06, 2013
Success in school is more than knowing how to solve math problems. It's also about social skills and emotional intelligence.

Do more of what you do well
August 30, 2013
People who know and use their personal strengths are happier, have better self-esteem and feel more energized.

Staying in the present
August 23, 2013
Being present and mindful is a tool that increases happiness and enjoyment, and decreases sensory overload and negative self-talk

The mathematics of flourishing
August 16, 2013
Individuals flourish when positive emotions like joy, awe, curiousity and gratitude outnumber negative emotions like anger, frustration and disappointment by a ratio of 3 to 1.

The kindness of strangers
August 09, 2013
Acts of kindness can be simple and spontaneous, or elaborate and planned, and everything in between.

Sustainable happiness
August 02, 2013
Sustainable happiness invites us to think about how our happiness affects other people and the environment

The truth about multi-tasking
July 26, 2013
Most of us can walk and chew gum at the same time. But what if the multi-tasking involves thinking or problem-solving?

All that jazz
June 07, 2013
Jazz musician Eubie Blake (1887-1983) offered some advice for a good life that has survived the test of time.

Teach yourself happiness skills
May 24, 2013
You can train yourself to be more optimistic and happy.

Procrastination -- putting off what needs to be done
May 03, 2013
Everyone puts off doing what needs to be done sometimes.

Tune into good intentions
March 28, 2013
Our brains are wired to pay more attention to the negative than the positive.

Practice mindfulness as you walk
March 22, 2013
Connecting with nature is good for your body and your soul. You can multiply the benefit of spending time in nature by being mindful.

Boldly set new boundaries
March 01, 2013
iPhones, iPads and Blackberries make it far too easy to bring your work home with you.

1, 2, 3, relax
December 07, 2012
Is the holiday season leaving you stressed? Having trouble relaxing? Try one of these stress-relieving exercises from the Harvard Medical School.

Savour the moment
February 01, 2013
Positive emotions open the heart and the mind.

Find happiness that lasts
October 12, 2012
Many people seek fulfillment and happiness by buying things – it turns out that these sources of good feelings are short-lived.

Make peace with stress
August 03, 2012
You can take steps to manage your stress. Stress is a normal part of life.