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Don't stop it, swap it!

The concept of swapping can help you discover small steps you can take towards your goal. It was developed in Australia and has also been adopted in the UK. The idea is to make everyday small changes by substituting or swapping healthier choices for unhealthier choices most of the time.

The great thing about swapping is that it’s not about eliminating the things you love from your life – like chocolate cake or spending an afternoon on the couch watching re-runs of your favourite TV show; it’s about doing them less often. Here are some ways to swap:

Swap big portions for smaller portions

  • Use 10-inch plates instead of 12-inch plates
  • Consider whether you really need a second serving of meat or potatoes
  • Split a dessert

Swap “often” for “sometimes”

  • Switch from ice cream to yogurt some of the time
  • Have a garden salad instead of a Caesar salad
  • Drink water most days instead of pop
  • Make homemade meals most days and eat out or take out only on your really busy days
  • Swap sitting for moving
  • Walk down the hall or to your neighbour’s instead of sending an email
  • Park in the furthest spot in the parking lot instead of the closest
  • Leave your car behind if you can walk or bike to your destination

Swap watching for playing

  • Instead of visiting over a coffee, visit by going for a walk together
  • Play pick up hockey instead of watching hockey…sometimes…if your favourite team isn’t playing

Swapping can help you choose healthier alternatives most of the time without feeling deprived.

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