Pathways to Wellness

conversation • connection • commitment

Creating the network you want

Although some relationships last forever, social networks often change over time as our needs or life circumstances change. For example, you may have noticed how your social network changed when you went away to school, became a parent, or got divorced.

You can take an active role in creating a social network which works for you.

  • Sometimes you need to ask for what you need – you might be surprised to discover what people in your social network can give. Invest in the relationships you have - both giving and receiving are good for your well-being. Remember that asking for help gives another person an opportunity to experience the rewards of giving. You both come out ahead!
  • Let go of relationships that are no longer working for you.  If you can’t end the relationship, try to spend less time with that person or decide to spend time with them only when there are others around who  can act as a buffer.
  • Create opportunities to meet new people by introducing yourself in social gatherings to people you don’t already know, or join organizations to find people who have common interests and values.
  • Seek out people who have already made the change you are trying to make – you can learn from what they went through, and most of the time, they will be flattered that you asked.

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