Pathways to Wellness

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Building confidence

Confidence in our abilities helps us to respond to problems with resilience.  The “I can do it” attitude motivates us to keep trying even when things are difficult.  If we keep trying, our efforts are more likely to pay off and we are more likely to experience a sense of accomplishment.

Children develop confidence in their ability to make things happen very early in life.  When babies cry and their parents respond, they learn that they have some control over what happens in their life.  They develop a sense of security and learn to trust that their parents will take care of them.  As they grow, this security and trust allows children to feel safe enough to explore their world.

The enjoyment children get from exploring their world motivates them to “master” new tasks.  These accomplishments help children develop confidence in their ability to handle challenges and new or frustrating situations throughout their lives.

Helping children gain confidence is best done in a caring relationship and is an important part of self-regulation.

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