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Breast is best

There is no question that “breast is best” when it comes to newborns, babies and even toddlers.  The only food a baby needs for the first six months of life is breast milk plus a daily Vitamin D supplement.  At six months, solid foods can be introduced but breastfeeding is still recommended for the first two years.  

There are many reasons why breast feeding makes sense for both babies and moms:

  • Breast milk has the right balance of nutrients, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals need for healthy bodies and brains.
  • Breast feeding helps build strong bonds between moms and their babies, and stimulates all five senses.  This is another way in which breastfeeding builds healthy brains.
  • Breast feeding is convenient, portable (your breasts go wherever you go) and cheap - it costs nothing and formula costs a lot!
  • Producing milk for babies burns calories; this can help you lose some of the weight put on during pregnancy. 
  • Breast feeding is good for the environment.  It’s direct from producer to consumer, and leaves no carbon footprint!

Not all moms, and not all babies, take to breast feeding right away.  If you, or your baby, is having difficulties, a community or public health nurse at the health centre, or the Canadian Prenatal Nutrition Program (CPNP) coordinator in your community can support and assist you.

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