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Born to connect

Babies are born already knowing the sound of their own mother’s voice, and very soon they are more interested in looking at a human face than just about anything else. Babies are pretty good at roping us in – who can resist a smiling, babbling baby?   Babies need to be irresistible – their survival depends on it. Human infants are completely dependent on others to meet their basic needs and  they are dependent on adult caregivers for a longer period of time  than  any other animal. As we develop and mature, complete dependency ends for most of us, and, we grow to be inter-dependent on each other for the rest of our lives.  

Across all cultures and without any training, mothers and others talk to babies and young children in a slow, high pitched voice and use simple words. This makes it easier for children to learn the most powerful tool for developing and deepening relationships – language.   

A good start in life is built on healthy, secure attachments. Children whose first relationships are positive and trustworthy have more positive relationships throughout their life.  

The drive to communicate is powerful. Have a look and enjoy…

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