Pathways to Wellness

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A healthy community

A healthy community is more than a group of healthy people. A healthy community is when people work together and decide where to put their time and energy to make the community a better place to live, work, learn, play and age. Because each community has different strengths, challenges, and priorities, there are many different starting points, and many different pathways to creating a healthier community. But they all begin with creating a common vision for the future, and then working together to make it happen.

Imagine the future of your community – three to five years from now. Suppose your community became everything you’ve ever hoped for.

  • What would children, families and adults of all ages in your community be doing and feeling?
  • What would your community look like?
  • Who might share this vision and help to make it happen?
  • What steps can you take with others to move in the direction of a healthier community?

Great things can happen when we begin by imagining a different future. 

All over the Yukon people are taking action to build healthier communities, and they are eager to share their stories and their expertise with you. To learn more, go to Stories from Yukon communities.

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