Pathways to Wellness

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A good start in life

Growing healthy, active, engaged children begins before birth. From birth to 3 years of age, there is an explosion in brain growth. Early experiences – both before birth and after – determine whether the brain’s pathways and connections provide a strong or weak foundation for health and wellness throughout life.

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In an ideal world, all pregnant women would be supported by family and friends to eat well, take folic acid, avoid tobacco, alcohol and other drugs, and get good pre-natal care throughout their pregnancy.

Babies are born to learn.  Through exploration, play and physical contact with others, babies and young children learn how to control their muscles and emotions, speak, and form relationships. They develop a sense of self. Children who have caring, responsive parents and caregivers and a safe, supportive environment get the best start in life.

Prenatal care, support to young families, and quality early childhood experiences start children on the best possible future.

It makes sense to make the early years a priority when it comes to promoting health and preventing illness, injury and disability.

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