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Active babies

Babies (less than 1 year of age) need opportunities to be physically active several times a day.  They need time on their backs, and time on their tummies – the floor is a great place to play with babies to build strength and gain control over their movements.

"Tummy time" encourages babies to learn and practice lifting their heads.  Whether on their back or tummy, you can encourage movement by showing your baby toys from all directions.  This helps your baby learn to lift and turn her head, and reach and grasp for objects.

This is an exciting time for babies.  They learn through their senses – imagine how wonderful it is to take the first steps towards independence by learning how to turn your head towards interesting sights, sounds and smells.  Or putting something new in your mouth!

Remember to follow your baby's lead.  Play when she wants to but also pay attention to signs that your baby wants to rest.  

Try to limit time in car seats or other baby seats to less than 1 hour at a time. 

And don't forget the bathtub is a great place to let your baby practice moving their arms and legs, but be prepared to get wet! 

After a bath is a great time to gently stroke and touch your baby on their back, arms, and legs. This stimulates nerve and motor development. 

During this first year, babies are on a steep learning curve when it comes to moving.  Between 7-12 months, most babies can roll around, sit up by without being propped up or supported, clap hands, and crawl.  Walking and running come next, and then there's no stopping them!

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