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Active 4 life

Being active – through sport, recreation, dance, or everyday activities - is good for the body, mind and spirit of people of all ages.  It's important to start early – habits and preferences form early in life, and are influenced by many factors.  Modern living and modern conveniences take the activity out of our lives and the lives of our children. 

At the same time as movement and activity are disappearing from our lives, more and more time is spent in front of a screen - computers, televisions, game consoles.  The virtual world is replacing the real world! 

The end result is that too many of us – adults and children alike – are not active enough to maintain good health.

The bottom line:  we need to make an effort to put activity back into family life, and limit how much time we spend being inactive.

As parents you can,

  • Be a role model.  Actions speak louder than words.  If you are active, your kids are more likely to be active with you, with their friends, or on their own.
  • Encourage and create opportunities for your children to be outdoors all year round.  Children are more active and more imaginative when they are out of doors.  There are lots of movement skills that come more easily outside, including running, jumping, climbing, catching, kicking and throwing.  And where else can you build a snowman or snow fort?
  • Limit the hours your child spends in front of a computer, television, or game console. 

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