Pathways to Wellness

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About us

The Pathways to Wellness website contains evidence-based information and videos on wellness, put together by Yukon Health and Social Services.  For information on people of all ages, check out the content in Your Health. And if you want to support children to be curious, healthy, happy and prepared for life, explore the content in on Healthy Kids.

We update content on a regular basis, so we invite you to come back soon to explore some more. Tell us what you think. Help us make wellness contagious -- subscribe to receive our weekly e-Tip, post them in your lunch room, and start a conversation.

Throughout this website, we invite you to discover what you, your family and your community can do to be healthier, happier and get the most out of life. The pathways to wellness are as diverse as we are – wellness is about the freedom and joy of being on the river, sliding with your kids, or walking with co-workers during lunch.It’s about sitting around a campfire or your kitchen table with friends and family drinking tea, telling stories, and sharing a few good laughs. It’s about helping out a stranger and feeling grateful for the small things in life.

Wellness is also about quiet moments and solitude – knitting a baby blanket for your niece who is expecting her first child, curling up with a good book, walking your dog, savouring the moment. It’s about losing track of time when you are berry picking, working in your shop, or finishing a project for school.

As you explore this website, you can read stories about what Yukon people and communities are doing when it comes to health and wellness. You can discover what makes people happy and the power of a good night’s sleep. You can read about the wellness gap in Yukon.

The website is a map of small steps that individuals, families and communities can take. We’ve pulled together information on wellness from a wide variety of credible sources and presented it here for you in down-to-earth, practical pieces. We invite you to bite off as much as you like and return again and again for more.

Let us know what you think about our website. Tell us about the changes you’ve made on your own, with others, in your community. Tell us how together we can spread the word and share the work of building communities which make healthy choices the easy choices to make.

Wellness is about feeling good, living well, and making Yukon communities great places to live, work, and play. It’s about sharing experiences, dreams, and wisdom. And most of all, it’s about taking action so that everyone has the chance and the choice to live a long healthy and happy life.

Sound good?


Let’s make it happen.