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Raising happy kids

Happiness includes positive emotions - like joy, good cheer, contentment, and delight.  But happiness is also about feeling good about who we are and what we are doing, connecting with other people, being optimistic about the future, and having a sense of purpose. 

You'll see a lot of Dr. Christine Carter in this section.  She is with the Greater Good Science Centre parenting program at the University of California, Berkeley.  She combines the latest research on how parents can raise happy kids with her own experience of being a parent.   Even though she is an expert on parenting, she is also human and shares the mistakes she has made along the way.   

Dr. Carter offers practical, everyday suggestions on how to raise happy kids by teaching them the skills to be happy.  That's right, happiness skills can be learned.    And even better,  happiness skills work for everyone, and can be learned at any age.   So take this opportunity to learn something that may be helpful for you and your child.


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